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Remote technical support for your server, network, Cloud and other IT infrastructure.

User support

Not ready to hire a full team of system administrators to monitor and maintain your IT infrastructure?

We provide system administration services for companies of any size, from small offices to industrial enterprises.

Network management

Afraid that the failure of network equipment may affect the company's work and lead to financial losses?

We will take care of the configuration and technical support of your equipment and guarantee its smooth operation.

Server management

Do you need 24/7 stable servers and the ability to quickly restore information in case of failure?

Our specialists will take care of architecture planning, implementation and maintenance of your server infrastructure.

Cloud administration

Ready to move to the Cloud and want to avoid problems with moving your server or app infrastructure?

We are here to help you with implementation, administrative maintenance and technical support of cloud services.

IP surveillance

Worried about the safety of your building? Or maybe you need to monitor the work of your employees?

We will help you improve security and organize remote control of facilities of any size, from houses to factories.

VoIP telephony

Tired of spending a lot of your company's money on calls to clients and partners from other regions?

Reduce your corporate communication costs with our comprehensive VoIP installation, configuration and support service.

Save up to 70% on full-time employees with our services



01. Monitor and alert

Vulnerabilities detection in software system

02. Troubleshooting

Restoring operation after a failure and preventing a recurrence of the incident

03. Software deployment

Installation, update and software management

04. One-time work

Solving any IT infrastructure problems at your request

05. Backup & restore

Protecting your critical business data

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ITSpecial was founded in 2010 and has always maintained high quality standards ever since.

Sergey Shevtsov

Founder & CEO

19 years of experience in IT. Crisis management for HR and development processes. Planning & Performance Management IT project management Building DEV teams.

Vitaly Davydov

Chief technical officer

18 years of experience in IT. Expertise in IT infrastructure, security, design, implementation of systems, communication networks, switching equipment, servers and server clusters, IP-telephony, video surveillance systems.

Daria Shevtsova

Deputy to CEO

7 years of experience in IT. IT project management: development, SEO web-sites. Customer support. Preparation of technical specifications. Management of financial tasks.

Joao Almeida

Support specialist

3 years experience in IT System and user support Software and hardware troubleshooting System and network administration Virtualization Windows and *nix plaforms


We work with leading hotel and commercial establishments, with networks of shops and enterprises

We are here to help!

Our mission is to simplify IT management to make business more agile